The Silverton Tramway operated a 60 km line between Broken Hill in NSW and Cockburn on the NSW/SA state border to haul mining products outbound and supplies inbound to Broken hill as well as some passenger traffic. In 1970 the 3 ft 6 in gauge tramway was replaced by the standard gauge link to Port Pirie. The South Australian Government Railway [SAR] operated the standard gauge. The Silverton company became the Silverton Transport and General Industries and took over responsibility for local mine shunting. The locos also gained standard gauge bogies.

DL-531 CO-CO Similar to the NSW 48 Class. Built for 3 ft 6 in and later transferred to standard gauge in 1970. #27/28/29. # 27 sold to SAR in 1970.

In the 1990's Silverton purchased many second hand 48 class ex NSW and 830 class ex SAR as well as ex NSW 442 class. These are hired out as well as local work. In 2001 Silverton operate private freight trains in NSW as well as local shunting trips in Sydney.




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