South Australian state owned railway

In the 1970's it became a part of Commonwealth Railways, the Federal Government owned group that operated the desert routes across the Nullarbor Plain to Kalgoorlie and up to Alice Springs. They changed names to Australian National as well as taking over rail operations in Tasmania. In 1997 they were sold with the SA Rail Business passing to the Genesee & Wyoming [G&W] consortium which also contains the Transfield group as well as Clyde engineering. The Clyde group builds GM locos in Australia. The G&W consortium will operate the SA freight traffic.

930 class:

ALCO "World" type as for NSW 44 Class. 1600 HP. The earlier units, #930-935 did not have the later NSW 44 Class modification of a full cab in #2 end. Fleet #930-966. Originally for 5ft 3in gauge but later used on standard gauge to Broken Hill as well. Used on express passenger as well as freighters. Out of service mid 1990's.

600 class:

Similar to NSW 45 Class. Built by Goodwin, Sydney. #600-06. Used as per 930 class on similar services and gauges.

700 class:

Similar to NSW 442 Class. Built by AE Goodwin, Sydney. #700-705. Used as per 930 class on similar services and gauges.

830 class:

Similar to NSW 48 Class. Built by AE Goodwin. #830-873. Some used in Tasmania following the amalgamation with Commonwealth Railways /Australian National. Some still in service 1997. As well as swapping between the usual 5 ft 3 in / standard gauges, 830 class also operate on 3ft 6 in track in some regions of the state.  




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