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This page is dedicated to the humble Arnott's™ Tim Tam™. A biscuit known to cure PMT, cure Bad Hair Days and solve boyfriend problems. Arnotts™ registered the Tim Tam™ name in 1959 but didn't launch the biscuit until 1964.  

A chocolate covered piece of heaven. A Tim Tam™ comprises of two chocolate biscuits filled with a delicious chocolate creme and covered in a thick layer of real chocolate.

And if that was not enough Arnotts™ now produce five different flavours ... Original, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, , Double Coat, and my favourite ... Mocha Coffee. Heaven!!! Plus, in recent years they have also produced 3 special edition versions - Hazelnut, White Chocolate, and Chewy Choc Fudge. In addition, over the last couple of months, Arnotts™ have produced a more adult Tia Maria Tim Tam. These biscuits are a variation on the classic Tim Tam with a Tia Maria flavoured creme. My verdict - they're ok but I much prefer the Kalhua Slice, a variation on the Mint Slice, another member of Arnotts™ chocolate biscuit range.

There are a a number of Tim Tam™ clones on the supermarket shelf, including a no name 'home brand' version, but nothing beats the original Tim Tam™.


Dick Smith Foods™, is an Australian company whose philosophy is that Australian products (eg cheese, jam, biscuits, soft drinks etc) should be manufactured in Australia by Australians working for Australian owned companies, thereby keeping the profits and employment in Australia to benefit all Australians.  Their product range is designed to provide Australian alternatives to food icons which are now owned by multinational or non-Australian interests. For example, the company markets a cordial range to rival Cottee's™ Cordial, they have their own version of processed cheddar cheese to rival Kraft™ Cheese, and offer Helicopter Jelly™ instead of Aeroplane Jelly™, amongst other products.

Normally, I find I can take it or leave it when it comes to Dick Smith's products. Afterall, I prefer matured chedder, rather than cheese that looks like plastic; if I must drink cordial, I support Queensland industry and buy Golden Circle™; and I haven't eaten jelly for a long time; but I admit to being curious when I first discovered TempTings in the choccie biscuit aisle of the supermarket.

TempTings is Dick Smith's version of Arnott's™ classic biscuit. Ok, I admit it, I bought a packet to try. Yuck!!! For a start, the chocolate coating tastes like compound chocolate (chocoholics will know what I am talking about), the chocolate creme centre was too sweet, and to top it all off - there is a #### nutritional table printed on the side of the packet. Oh please! Tim Tams™ are about ignoring the fact that they are loaded with fat, sugar and other things nutritionists warn us about and instead provide their own small level of fantasy. </end of rant>

How do you share your packet of Tim Tams?

Unless you buy the 22 piece megapack Tim Tams come with 11 portions per pack. Anyone who has done elementary maths will realize that 11 is a Prime Number, i.e it is only divisible by 1 and itself. This leads to the question - "How do you share your packet of Tim Tams amongst friends?" Along with "What is the meaning of life?" and "Is there life on Mars?", the question of how to share 11 biscuits amongst two or more people, is one I've spent many and hour (and a Tim Tam) contemplating.

I've come to realize that there are only three possible solutions -

  1. Share your packet with some really good friends who won't mind if you divide the last biscuit equally;

  2. Be sneaky and eat the last biscuit yourself, or be generous and give the whole last biscuit to someone else; or,

  3. Don't share!

Personally, I subscribe to solution 1 since I generally share my packet with Peter, my dearly beloved, but if you have any other ideas or simply what to share with me how you share your Tim Tam packet email me.

Rest In Peace

A while ago I was sent Don McLean's obituary. Don McLean is reported to be the 'Father of the Tim Tam". The obituary also appears to make the connection between this famous Australian biscuit and the American Kentucky Derby winner of the same name. To view the obituary as sent to me click here.

  Some Interesting trivia about Tim Tams

Did you know that the word Tim Tam is similar to a word in Hebrew which translates as "mind blowing". Pretty appropriate, don't you think? My thanks to Guy  from Tel-Aviv for that great piece of information. It's nice to know that there are Tim Tam devotees all over the world.

Have you ever had a Tim Tam bomb?


First delicately bite the corner off one side of your Tim Tam™. Then nibble a hole in the opposing corner, revealing the biscuit base.

Dip one corner of the biscuit into a cup of hot beverage, coffee or chocolate is preferable, and suck through the opposing corner.  A friend recommends dipping in a glass of port but I think I'd prefer Tia Maria™, Kahlua™ or some other cream based liqueur. As Ogden Nash has been quoted as saying "candy is dandy but liquor is quicker". Tim Tams™ and Tia Maria™ .... what a way to have a happy evening.


A Recipe Using Tim Tams

Coles™, an Australian supermarket, recently published a recipe for Tim Tam tarts.  If you know of any other Tim Tam™ recipes please let me know... I'd love to try them.

A Bit Of Fun

A number of friends knowing my Tim Tam™ obsession sent me the following self executable Shockwave Flash file.  It's 297Kb and if you share my addiction you might like to download it to your hard drive.


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