Air Routes

These routes are what are thought to have been the usual routes. Many flights did not follow these routes due to such things as weather conditions etc. Another possible cause of a different route being flown is track shortening due to low traffic density late at night.

Some of the routes are for a specific time period. As most of my charts date from 1989, it is possible that some earlier routes are not recorded. Any reader with more route data and the era they occurred is asked to contact the author.

The latest routes described are taken from enroute charts that can be at least six months out of date. As such they are not to be used for real aircraft navigation.

Many of the locations mentioned are or were VOR or NDB transmitter locations. Full details of these navaids are available from pilot navigation charts.

The routes of the future will not use VOR and NDB beacons. These are planned to be phased out by the following dates; Omega 1997/ Loran C 2000 / NDB 2005 / Tacan 2005 / VOR / DME 2010 / ILS 2010. GPS is expected to be the nav tool. [Pascoe 1996 P.80]

These route lists are the result of extensive historical research. If a reader has research material that can add to this work, please advise.

Air routes discussed here include-

Australian Routes

bullet Adelaide-Perth
bullet Brisbane-Cairns
bullet Brisbane-Sydney
bullet Brisbane-Darwin
bullet Sydney-Melbourne
bullet Adelaide-Melbourne
bullet Brisbane-Melbourne
bullet Brisbane-Adelaide
bullet Darwin- Adelaide
bullet Sydney-Canberra
bullet 1939 Air Route Map (This is a 181 GIF file)

Included in this section because of proximity to Australia or social/economic ties -
bullet Sydney-New Zealand
bullet Brisbane-New Zealand
bullet Brisbane-Port Moresby

Pacific Ocean Routes

Asian/European Routes


General Information


Los Angeles /Sydney


San Francisco/Sydney


via Hawaii


Preferred Routes


Australia/Asia/Europe During WWII








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